• GATE Program

    Dairyland GATE students are served by regular education teachers during the school day as well as in after school programs.  Students may be involved in one or more of the GATE programs based on their specific areas of giftedness and interest.  Students are selected based on a combination of standardized test scores, classroom achievement, leadership, and creative ability.  Differentiated instruction is integrated into the GATE programs.  Students range from fourth grade to eighth grade. 

    Alview offers a pre-GATE program for students in grades two and three.

    Alview-Dairyland's GATE program consists of two components:

    1. STEM

      STEM GATE is held bi-weekly after school at the Dairyland campus.

      Alview STEM GATE is offered monthly after school.

      At both campuses, STEM GATE focuses on project based learning to enhance science, technology, engineering and math curriculum.

    2. Language Arts

      Dairyland Language Arts group will include composition of the yearbook, monthly newsletters, and multi-media productions.  Many of our 7-8 grade students compete in local speech and writing contests. 

      At Alview, Language Arts GATE activities include writing newsletters, directing and producing a "Kindergarten Year" video for Kindergarten graduation and a video for the first through third grades' year-end assembly.