• GATE Program

    GATE students are served by regular education teachers during the school day.  GATE teachers are selected because of their specific areas of strength and enthusiasm in the areas of language arts, science, and technology.  Students may be involved in one or more of the GATE programs based on their specific areas of giftedness and interest.  Students are selected based on a combination of standardized test scores, classroom achievement, leadership, and creative ability.  GATE classes are conducted in the course of the school day and are based on part time groupings.  Differentiated instruction is integrated into the GATE programs.  Students range from second grade to eighth grade.

    Alview-Dairyland's GATE program consists of three components:

    1. Science/Social Studies

      The Science/Social Studies GATE with Dairyland 4-8 graders will focus on the study of Space, planets, and rocketry.  The program includes a field trip to a simulated space mission and a planetarium.  A culmination activity includes student Power Point presentations and displays presenting Space related topics.  This project will include a parent night, a star night with telescopes, and a student assembly.  Students in grades 7 and 8 will also focus on the Madera County Pentathlon contest.  This group will act as the Super Quiz team and part of a Math team.

    2. Language Art

      Dairyland Language Arts group will include composition of the yearbook, monthly newsletters, and multi-media productions.  Many of our 7-8 students will compete in the Madera County pentathlon contest in the areas of writing and speech.

      At Alview, Language Arts GATE activities include writing newsletters, directing and producing a "Kindegarten Year" video for Kindergarten graduation and a video for the first through third grades' year-end assembly. 

    3. Math

      A Math program will include students in grades 1-3. Students will meet weekly to complete project-driven group math problems.  Curriculum will be based on the GEMS' "Group Solutions Too" text in which students will complete cooperative logic activities.  The program will culminate with a "Built It" festival during which students display structures that have been constructed using creative mathematical learning.  Festival projects will focus on spatial visualization, geometry, and real-world career connections.  The festival will be presented to students at each campus as well as at a parent night.